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About us - Our mission and values

At Simplified Recruitment we believe in simplicity.

Simplified Recruitment allows hiring managers to enter job details once and then post them to a range of relevant job advertising locations. Just enter your job description, select where you want to advertise and our system does the rest.

We provide a time saving service which generates a comprehensive shortlist of candidates within a short period of time and at a very low cost.

Our site allows users to:

  1. Expand the reach of their recruitment campaigns, utilising all appropriate marketing channels to advertise a vacancy.
  2. Easily see which sources of candidates work best by fully tracking all candidate responses and even the views of a vacancy automatically
  3. Reduce the complexity of the recruitment process by centralising all candidate processing and providing a simple way to shortlist from large groups.

We understand that in an ideal world, a recruitment process would be cost focused, simple and would make use of a wide range of advertising options to gather a shortlist.

Our system takes the complexity out of recruitment, acting as a platform for low cost advertising which is seamlessly integrated with job boards and social media.

Sourcing quality candidates for your jobs should be a simple task and we want to make sure that's your experience.

As a very responsive company, feedback is most welcome. If you have suggestions for improvements or features, let us know here and we'll try to incorporate them into future releases.



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